Monday, July 24, 2006

Zionism is Racism.
In this country the the best we're gonna get from the pundits on any side is that Israel's actions are a brutal PR disaster.

Conservatives, being not only hypocritical but dim, will disagree.

more simple logic here if you want.
(thanks Brian)


  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    You can always go to to feel better about these things.

  2. I don't defend any racial definition of statehood.
    I don't defend Germany's right to exist in the 21st century as a "German" state.
    And the US has never been anything other than a multi-ethnic democracy.

    Got me?

  3. I do not defend the right of the German government to regulate the demographics of the state on the basis of genetics. Israel claims that right.
    Why not allow the Palestinian refugees the "right" of return? The browning of North America doesn't bother me.
    Does it bother you?

    And I'm sorry to correct you, but modern Jewry is made up of the descendants of a desert tribe (though genetically almost identical to Palestinians). My father was always annoyed that he could not write "Jewish" on forms that asked for his ethnicity. He did no think of himself as "white."
    No, you did not get me.


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