Friday, July 28, 2006

"Lebanon: A Jewish Moderate's [sic] Lament"
The comments are interesting. I'm in the mix.
I'd like Mr Rosenberg to tell me why I have a right to return to a place I've never been, and why the Palestinians do not. I am not denying the fact that the people of Israel are there and are not going to leave; I am asking him to defend the sense of moral -and intellectual- superiority that justifies the locking out of people from their homes. I would like to hear someone who is not a supporter of Kach or Kahane Chai tell me, not why a bi-national state is impossible (it isn't) but why it is undesirable.

Give me the liberal moral defense of a modern state built upon racial lines.
Josh Marshall is making the Dixiecrat argument, and he's being called on it.
Times are changing.
Sat. update: "Times are changing..."

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