Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mark Danner hits the mainstream, or: An Article from the Guardian is Accidentally Published in the NY Times.

The new sincerity of the slumming intellectual. Playing to the masses from the college lecture hall. Midcult made not by design but as the effect of insecure hypocrisy.

Class divides everything in the country, without anyone admitting it. The writers of N+1 are trapped in the urbane ghetto of Manhattan culture; it doesn't mean shit that they live in Brooklyn (where they're hated). The strength of American arts and letters is derived from two sorts: those smart and sophisticated enough to get the fuck out (or rich enough to be able to travel at will) and those with the wise old man's appreciation for honest vulgarity and dishonest skill.

update: Henry F. chooses N+1.
It needs to be asked why young intellectual journals published in NYC in 2005 are so provincial.

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