Friday, September 02, 2005

As a matter of legacy insurance, party politics and what are in fact the best interests of the country, Clinton would do better being seen next to Jimmy Carter than the Bushes.
A cynical move but not a smart one.

The tragedy, the wonder, and the glory of this country are in the anti-politics and stubborn dreams of a certain kind of freedom.
I don't blame the Bush administration any more or less than I blame the people who voted for them. I don't blame Clinton for the short term logic of his scheming then or now. I suppose I blame intellectuals who live in fantasy worlds, neocon, neo-liberal, or neomarxist. I hate economists more than anything for their lack of irony; the same is true for acolytes of Nader or Chomsky. I hate newspapermen who think of themselves as writers.

The beginnings of freedom, of the ability to act with disinterested curiosity, is in the assumption of interest. Begin with doubt, or even fear. A hard row to hoe, and there's no machine either material or intellectual, to do it for you. I'll forgive mass murderers before I forgive those who argue otherwise

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