Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Say what?
Rudy Giuliani is popular for good reason. He was a good mayor, gives a great speech, and seems like a friendly enough guy.
Rudy was 'good' in that he behaved well as a popular representative of NYC for the last three months of 2001. Before and after are a different matter entirely. "Friendly enough guy"!? Someone can drop me a line and tell me if The Teenager says anything close to that. I've read the blurb and that was enough.
Scott Martens on Daniel Pipes
Readers of my previous comment on Tariq Ramadan will no doubt have come away with the impression that I don’t much like Daniel Pipes. This is not an entirely accurate assessment of my opinon of him. I think Pipes is an unreconstructed bigot and xenophobic fanatic whose academic work fails to meet even the lowest standards of scholarship, whose career has been...
Department of Absolute Lunacy:
Then, the last week of December, we'll have another treat (and I'll enjoy another break): Richard Posner--distinguished jurist, founding father of the economic analysis of law, most-cited living legal scholar, scourge of Dworkin and formalist jurisprudents (not to mention admirer of Nietzsche!)--has kindly agreed to blog here, to share some of his views about matters jurisprudential--from Holmes to pragmatism to (one of my favorite Marxian themes in the Posnerian corpus!) the irrelevance of normative ethics--and perhaps other topics as well.
Brian L. Amazes me sometimes. He takes left-wing intellectual snobbery to a level beyond criticism. His conficts are truly Nietzschean.

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