Saturday, August 07, 2004

Great headlines you'll never read at home. From The Guardian:
Republicans Pick Racist
An unabashed racist who runs a website claiming the genetic superiority of the white race will contest a congressional seat in Tennessee for the Republican party.
The party had urged voters to support a late contender for the nomination to keep James Hart off the ballot.
But Mr Hart, an estate agent, won more than 82% of the vote against Dennis Bertrand, a financial analyst and a member of the national guard who served in Iraq.
Mr Bertrand was too late to get his name on the nomination ballot and had to stand as a write-in candidate.
Mr Hart, who has been repeatedly thwarted in his attempts to enter public life, said he was surprised by his victory.
"I didn't expect to win," he told reporters. "I thought their network would beat my ideas."

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