Monday, April 05, 2004

What am I supposed to say about this crap? That this country deserves this president? It's not his job to understand the implications of his actions, that responsibility belongs to everyone. And the fact that he lost the popular vote by an insignificant amount is just that: insignificant. It's called a republic for a reason. The people have the power, and the responsibility. The idiot's approval rating is dropping, but not fast enough.

The political culture of this country is gone to shit. No sense on the left that the people can be at fault. No sense that the situation as such affects all sides: that the Bushie's programmatic idiocy and Chomskian programmatic dreaming are, if not equally at fault, then equally absurd. No sense among mainstream liberals that programmatic logic is itself the problem. The reliance on programs alone is a sign only of this: of a refusal to take responsibility for your actions.

Find me a culture that acknowledges the flawed nature of humanity without demanding the coronation of a king; it's not this one. The choice between Noam Chomsky and George Will is no choice at all. And the people are fools.

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