Friday, April 02, 2004

The note, which acknowledged Gunn suffered post-traumatic stress, said: "After discussion of his case it was determined ... this may be in his best interest mentally to overcome his fear by facing it. Therefore, he has been cleared for redeployment."

Gunn is not the only broken soldier being sent to battle. The Guardian has uncovered more than a dozen instances in which ill or injured soldiers were sent to war by a US military whose resources have been stretched near to breaking point by the simultaneous fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq. In its investigation, the Guardian learned of soldiers who were deployed with almost wilful disregard to their medical histories, and with the most cursory physical examinations.

The Guardian
And the Clinton papers thing is interesting.

Crooked Timber
The interesting thing about Gehry at his best is the sense of a narrative experience that is constructed without idealism or cynicism. The work describes a sort of curiosity with no goal beyond itself: an anti-foundationalist rhetoric that is nonetheless formally profound. Of course every architect is a cynic, it's part of the job; but every building has a philosophy behind it and some are more interesting than others, as some buildings are more beautiful than others.
Gehry's successful works are beautiful, and I've described one aspect of that beauty.

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