Saturday, April 24, 2004

Listening to Outkast and Radiohead. Fascinating how American optimism can still produce real humor and art. The relation of the dream of Time Warner to the self fashioning of Andre 3000. I can slide into Kid A with no effort, though most of the time it's little more than an enervating but gently soothing cheap thrill. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below on the other hand, is hard work and red meat. The Love Below reminds me how important Prince is to the last 25 years of American music.
In a sense the difference between the two is the difference between the intellectual understanding of the marketplace, described by market theory and economics, and the way the market is lived. It's the difference between an art by intellectuals and the art that intellectuals in the future will look back on and enjoy. It's why Outkast is better than Radiohead and why Belle is more perceptive than anyone at Crooked Timber.
Spread is the funniest sexiest dance/fuck song I've heard in a long time;
and I'm pretty damn sure it's the first dance/fuck song to include a reference to Shirley Chisholm.

Go spend your money.

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