Thursday, October 02, 2003

Two points on hypocrisy.
Limbaugh is falling and everyone understands why. Shut up and let him do it on his own.

It's not as if Valerie Plame went around the world calling herself 'Mildred Natwick.' She used her maiden name, and is listed in "Who's Who" as both Plame and Wilson. If that's deep cover, it's amateurish. And I'm more than a little uncomfortable with anyone yelling treason!, whomever they're accusing. Am I really supposed to make a principled defense of the CIA? I'd be happier defending the Catholic Church.
All that we need to do is to continue pointing out the hypocrisy of the Republican right; there's there's no need to wrap ourselves in the flag while we're at it. It's stupid, and it's risky.

The above refers more to the take at Buzzflash and The Horse, than it does to Mark Kleiman who's less partisan, and more interested in principle (though not ones I share.) Still, he links to an article in the NY Daily News that has some new information on Plame's job, without even mentioning the absurd context: "She's the perfect spy Outed CIA agent had glamour job & looks to match."
I glad -I'm relieved- all this is happening, and I take it all very seriously. But that doesn't mean I have to take the people involved very seriously.
Sometimes I feel optimistic. But then I think it's probably just despair.

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