Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I'll leave the Wilson/Plame affair to everyone else, I'm waiting for the next explosion. But I've read that the Zinni and Johnson interviews are not getting a lot of play, so if you haven't seen them heard them or read them, you'll find the links a few inches down the page, in my last post.
"World War II had its "krauts," Vietnam had its "gooks," and now, the War on Terrorism has its own dehumanizing name: "hajji. "
That's what many U.S. troops across Iraq and in coalition bases in Kuwait now call anyone from the Middle East or South Asia. Soldiers who served in Afghanistan say it also is used there.
Among Muslims, the word is used mainly as a title of respect. It means "one who has made the hajj ," the pilgrimage to Mecca .
That's not how soldiers use it.
Some talk about "killing some hajjis" or "mowing down some hajjis." One soldier in Iraq inked "Hodgie Killer" onto his footlocker." News and Observer
It's a snide piece of work in the English manner. I read it a few days ago but now Alterman has linked to it so I have to comment: "The man who 'sexed up' literary theory believes that postmodernism is dead."
I like reading Terry Eagleton but I hated reading Christina Patterson, so I'll keep it simple. And besides, I'm tired.
No, Postmodernism is not dead; the ideology of Postmodernism is dead, just as the ideology of Modernism came into being long after the era it hoped to describe was born, and died before it ended. Postmodernism is not an ideology but an epoch, and it will be here for quite a while.
It's been a long day. I'm back at work.

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