Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I hadn't realized Nathan Newman has put up three posts on the Wilson/Plame story. I linked to the second one yesterday. Here is the first, with a list of agency crimes, and here is today's.
My only comment would be to add that we 'need' the CIA only because of our position in the world, a position that is not and has never been predicated on morality. Operatives may perform good deeds, and feel proud of doing so, but that's not their job. Every small independent state needs ways of gathering information, but we are not a small independent state, and except in our collective imagination, haven't been one for a long time. If Valerie Plame is such a paragon of virtue, why doesn't she work for the UN? I would probably say it's because she puts her country first.
And how is that the 'moral' choice?

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