Thursday, August 07, 2003

I've been busy and in no mood to post.
Josh Marshall wasted too much time on this when he could have been writing things like this, or this.

"...the TPM audience leans Democratic --- though probably not as much as most people think."
I never thought that for a minute.

Bali bomber to face firing squad.
On the TV I saw a number of white Australians give their approval of the sentence. I know somebody who went to that club once. He watched the doorman turn away the non-white locals.

I got drunk with a Wall Street macher yesterday. There were four people at the table and the two of us got into a shouting match about North Korea. He may have been right, or maybe I was just thinking longer term: he was thinking about making money. Bush scares the shit out of him, but he's even more scared of the North. He's following China and he doesn't want Kim Jong Il to fuck it up. I said I was more worried about Bush. Interesting discussion about the future of the oil business.

Remember, Arnold is an old friend and supporter of Kurt Waldheim.

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