Thursday, August 28, 2003

For some reason or other I ended up to day at where read this post, discussing a paper on the contradictions of 'Liberal' Zionism.

"I am going to attend the discussion if it happens, even though I suspect it will quickly spin into smug Israel-bashing, but I have a nagging doubt about scholarship of this sort (however analytically sound and brilliantly argued it may be): The Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems to me to have had its genesis (so to speak), and to be running its course without regard for the niceties of any moral theory, liberal or otherwise.
To ask whether Israel's negotiating positions do or do not conform with liberal theory is, I think, rather like asking whether bumblebees ought aerodynamically to be able to fly. It's an interesting thing to think about, but how does the inquiry really matter?"

How charmingly anti-intellectual. If only American Zionists were so honest. But they can't afford to be; and that's because the perception of the intellectual and moral legitimacy of their cause is important to them, as their illusions are important on purely financial terms to the Likud.

Most people have difficulty admitting their mistakes. That's why it is important for others to tell them what they are. Eric Muller attempts to correct the mistakes of others, including those he -smugly- refers to as 'smug'. I'll top him in that regard and just call him an idiot.

I looked at the 'Writing' link on the blog today and reread two of the pieces. God! it's so embarrassing to see how my rewriting can turn small charming pieces into sloppy overblown trash.
The link is down for now.

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