Sunday, February 02, 2003

Since I made my comments on religion yesterday, here and at Maxspeak, I remembered that I do, after all have a link to Alt.Muslem on my site, if not to Aziz Poonawalla. Links to islamic sites make up the only links I 've made to anything remotely religious.
Islam is the only faith that is both central to a political debate and relevant to my interests. Since I am a secularist this may be condescenscion on my part, but that judgement applies much less to Islam than it does to any debates within Christianity or Judaism. We are witnessing the growth of a secular humanist culture of an Islamic heritage. Once that is fully out in the open Islam will lose interest for me, as the others have. But as long as meaningful debate continues, even within a religious context, over the questions of what constitute the rights and obligations of individuals and those of the state, I'm there.

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