Sunday, February 23, 2003

I saw the Donmar Warehouse production of Twelfth Night on thursday, and Medea yesterday. There were things seriously wrong with both and I'm surprised that the response hasn't been more mixed, though Medea did get a harsh response from Daniel Mendelsohn in the NYRB. I'm not a theater lover as much as someone who thinks about it as an art among others, so perhaps I don't let things slip by as easily as some. I'm not being cheap or glib but I was still surprised. I'm seeing Uncle Vanya on tuesday.

Calpundit seems to have gotten in trouble with Atrios over the Bell Curve. The post made me cringe. There's not much worse than a well meaning liberal who out of ignorance and arrogance feels both moral superiority and pity.

The number of adventures Bush seems to be planning around the world has to seen as a weak point in his armor, and needs to become one.

Islamic Jihad said this week it would not target Americans in response to the arrests in Florida.

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