Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I don't have much to say on the days events. I'm reading the same stories everyone else is, and waiting to see if the French et al. hold out. I live in New York so I'll be at the demo.
As I've always said, the real pressure has to come from conservatives, and it seems now as if there is some grumbling on all sides. If the war were two month's away I would say both that things were going in the right direction and that there was still time. As it stands now things are going well. The White House is getting hit from every direction. The Belgians are being more forceful in their opposition than either France or Germany - partly, perhaps, as a result of their recent forthright admission of their own crimes. Max Sawicky had a great post a few days ago on the economies of the various countries that are backing us (Denmark has a smaller economy than Dallas.) The al Jazeera tape fiasco would be funny if it weren't about a war. All of this is good news, but we don't have two months.

Apparently Answer won't let Michael Lerner speak at the rally. I can't stand Lerner but banning him is indefensible, if only for reasons of politics. It's causing problems we don't need. It's stupid.

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