Saturday, January 04, 2003

I've been posting alot on Stand Down. Here's the post on Korea which is the same here, but with 22 comments so far. And I've been getting involved in a shouting match about the draft.

First of all, I have no problem with compulsory service. Also:
"As I've said more than once in this debate, my father went to his grave thinking that after all of the effort, it was the end of the student deferment that stopped the American war. It was all of those housewives who said: "Of course I think the President is right... but they want to take my son!"

I have very fond memories of the Vietnam war. My father was the most respected draft counselor in Philadelphia and I used to sit on the floor with his students at our house and listen to him talk. I grew up around all the acronyms: SDS/ CCCO/ AFSC/ VVAW. Our phone was tapped. Lots of fun for a 6 year old. My mother at one time ran a lawyers' committee whose members ranged from movement types to a retired Marine. Their job was to put out out position papers on the rights of the enlisted. They all hated each other and she rode their asses until they came up with something. It's a story she still likes to tell, sometimes.

The people from Talk Left are opposed to the draft but their arguments are too indulgent. I agree with Max, but think once you make an argument you have to be willing to follow through with it. Talkleft's arguments are crap.

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