Monday, January 06, 2003

"i suppose i'm on the left, and i agree with talkleft that rengle's [sic] idea is preposterous and self-defeating...kind of like throwing a 2 year old in the deep end to teach him how to swim."
-comment from NWB on the draft.
Think about who, exactly, is being described as a 2 year old and you will understand both the author's point, and my frustration.

Why keep the American people from understanding their position? What is the point of arguing again and again that it is not 'we' but 'they' who are going to war? Is there anybody in this country who doesn't think that someone else makes all the 'real' decisions. Nixon thought it was the Jews. And god knows what the Bush family are afraid of, but it's obvious that GWB is competing with someone; and it's not Saddam Hussein.

I'm really beginning to understand the delusions of this country. Everyone wants to be left alone, to feel safe, in his own dream. Dreams are always so seductive. And they're all this country has.

Liberals are guilty conservatives. They act out of self interest and then beg to be forgiven. In such a world the choice is either to be a devil or the disciple groveling at his feet.
The devil at least gets my respect.

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