Sunday, June 25, 2023

Riley at about 29:40
This is a quite striking graph this is from very conservative man Andrew Smithers from a journal, it's a very strange Journal, called American Affairs, which I would say it basically a kind of intellectual justification of Trumpism but because it is it it it sometimes attracts very heterodox and independent-minded thinkers, Smithers being one of them.  
"Investment, Productivity, and the Bonus Culture", by Andrew Smithers in American Affairs

Riley is a little annoying. The "intellectual left" have a problem. The mannerism of Verso. The elite pretending to represent the majority and wondering why the majority don't get off their asses; inventing various solutions; the end justifying the elite. 

Julius Krein, aka "Publius Decius Mus" at the Claremont Review, interviewed, anonymously and later under his own name in the New Yorker.  He changed his mind about Trump. Oops. 

Someone other than me needs to write something about the over-attention to design in the new kids magazines. Nostalgia is a form of utopianism, a fantasy of the past as opposed to the future.. 

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