Tuesday, March 28, 2023

And Leiter again, in what he would consider an unrelated post
The sociology (or politics, if you prefer) of the discipline is, alas, far more relevant to explaining the content of what gets discussed than philosophers like to admit.

Can you imagine if a law was passed codifying the US as the nation state of white Protestant Anglos and then describing it as a "a law black and Jewish citizens  claim discriminates against minorities"?...

Zonszein "Israelis Are Trying to Save a Democracy That Never Existed"
Leiter's response links a post I mentioned before.

"Even in an apartheid state"
My (pseudonymous) reply was rejected.
Another win for sociology (or politics) over philosophy.

Rationalists rationalize.
I exchanged emails with an Israeli academic in the thick of the protests who when cornered said a binational state "would be a win for me". In public he still won't do it.

The occupation of land beyond 1967 borders is the issue only if you accept conquest and ethnocracy within the borders of 1947.

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