Monday, December 05, 2022

Ashley Bickerton (1959–2022) 

NYT, Nov, 23, 1989, "A Leading Art Collector Is Selling, And the Market Wonders Why" 
Norman Rosenthal, exhibitions secretary at the Royal Academy of Arts, disagreed. ''Charles Saatchi is an incredible collector,'' he said, noting that if Mr. Saatchi was selling, it was probably only a matter of prudence. ''Possessions are a burden to everybody,'' Mr. Rosenthal said. ''They need to be managed. I prefer to think that that's what he's doing, and the signs are that that's what he's doing. I know he's buying.''

In 1985-6, I forget the date, Saatchi went to Bickerton's studio and bought everything. People told Ashley it was a mistake to let him have so much. When Saatchi dumped his collection it destroyed his market. Ashley was rising high, and then he crashed. He moved to Bali in 1993. 

I may add more stories.

A couple of years after Sensation, I stood next to Rosenthal with a friend who was pitching work by a British sculptor. Rosenthal backed off. "He's not another YBA, is he? I sold my soul with that one."

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