Thursday, November 24, 2022

Kristen Prata Browde, a co-chair of the National Trans Bar Association, said that a suspect’s gender identity should have no bearing on whether they can be prosecuted for a hate crime in the Club Q shooting.

“The motive for a crime isn’t dependent on whether you are or are not a member of a protected class,” Ms. Prata Browde said. “It legally has no significance, as far as whether the actions of this individual fit within the law regarding hate crimes.”

"I was a Gay Jewish Teenage Nazi". Of course he was.
I'm so fucking bored.

I'm getting more readers, but they should at least click the links. If we're talking about "hate crimes" , then “[t]he motive for a crime"  committed by "a member of a protected class” is kind of important, if not legally, then in every other possible fucking way.

An old roommate of mine and one of his high school friends dressed up in full SS regalia and goose stepped through a deli in Skokie Illinois owned by a Holocaust survivor.  Both of them were born and raised in Skokie and were the children of Holocaust survivors.  US and Them become become problematic as descriptors when us is them. Moralism is not valid a critique of moralism. That's why I'm so fucking bored.

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