Sunday, November 13, 2022

Democrats won on economic populism, not on defenses of looting, the abolition of small businesses, of the family, or childhood, or the castration of 12 year-olds.  The overlap between technocrats and anarchists is almost fascinating. 

As with abortion, Republicans overplayed their hand, and the stories of hormones and preadolescent surgery went over the heads of most people. "Myside bias" and "implicit bias" If you can't conceive of the facts, then having them right in from of you means nothing. The straightforward and neutral description of medical crimes against children—yes, giving estrogen to 10-year-old boys sterilizes them—puts reactionaries and radical feminists in the position of Palestinians describing Israeli terror, or American blacks in the past and even now describing racism, though "transracialism" isn't accepted, any more than "transablism".  And the majority of people on both sides of  "GLBT" issues haven't come to terms with the fact that partisans of the "T" call for the elimination of the first three letters of the acronym, because homosexuality is transphobic.

Race (Adolph Reed shit again)

Lee Fang

Stacey Abrams spent the election emphasizing race, gender, calling opponents racist and making up a lie about voter suppression. Raphael Warnock ran on jobs & getting things done. Extraordinarily easy to see how he wildly surpassed her in the same state.

And note Abrams had a massive SuperPAC, her "Fair Fight" dark money group with tens of millions of dollars, and Abrams outraised Brian Kemp with tons of national money and nonstop positive coverage from the national media.

Abrams defended Bloomberg in 2020. She sat next to him when parishioners turned their backs to him in church. She's a corporate liberal, and a woman. But Warnock is in a runoff against a parody of negro servitude. To win he'll have to show no anger in the face of insult and absurdity. Angry black men can't win an election beyond a city council seat, unless they represent white anger.

Fang defends post-racial politics without understanding of why Obama played the game. Like Warnock, he had no choice. Fang is against identity politics unless it's Jewish identity politics, and he'd a fan of Chatterton Williams.

Reformist prosecutors are popular.

NYC: the disconnect between crime rate and press coverage.

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