Monday, July 05, 2021

updated once or twice
Nwanevnu responds: Parklife! Lindsay replies, and then:
A lot of the fears and phobias of the American "intellectual right", are founded in their willingness to take the "intellectual left" at their word: "materialist Hermetic gnosticism" for "apocalyptic radicalism", then and now

Syka's response is pretty good—"...we are contingent products of our culture and times, which therefore means we don't actually have agency"—confirming Lindsay's point. But "demondogkid" identifies as "Progressive. SocDem" while his header is from Beat Takeshi's one attempt at American success. The kid's more than a little confused.

Determinism and free will recently... and... back to Kant: repeats  and repeats.
Nwanevu the liberal, and "leftists' whining about attacks on "Cultural Marxism." etc....  etc....
nothing's changed. Looking for Neiwert, who was popular once,  I also found this.

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