Wednesday, June 03, 2020

'Weird Alex' [sic] Pareene "Staff Writer, The New Republic, Brooklyn"
They can't be reformed. Disband the MPD and every other big urban police department. Hire some detectives to investigate the serious crimes with actual victims, and social workers and civil servants for the other duties. Pay local bar bouncers and antifa to patrol neighborhoods.
Pereene's new article links Binyamin Appelbaum. "I write editorials about business and economics for The New York Times. My new book, The Economists' Hour, is now on sale!"
The police are supposed to protect protesters and prevent looting. When the opposite happens, it raises the suspicion that the police are sending a message.
Appelbaum is retweeting Rachel Olding "Breaking news at @TheDailyBeast. Former editor/journo in the US for @smh & @theage"
Hard to describe how rampant the looting was tonight in Midtown Manhattan and how lawless it was. Complete anarchy. Literally hundreds of stores up and down Broadway, Fifth Ave, Sixth Ave. Kids ruling the streets like it was a party.
His article links the AP, and beat reporters for The Chicago Sun-Times; he links NBC News, and on and on.

His last paragraph.
Democratic (and occasionally libertarian) politicians, liberal think tanks, and policy shops have produced lots of proposals designed to prevent what happened to George Floyd from happening again: implicit bias training, de-escalation training, body cameras, use of force restrictions. None of these figures have a plan to stop police from allowing a white mob to violate a curfew with impunity while brutally repressing protesters representing the “other side.” What is the reform plan for that, exactly? What is the reform plan for police choosing to believe deranged conspiracy theories about demonstrators?

It is almost reassuring to believe that the police want peace but are, through ineptness or poor training, bad at achieving it. They have told us, over and over again, that they are a political force with specific goals. Are we ready to listen yet?
Philadelphia Inquirer: "Frank Rizzo statue removed from outside the Municipal Services Building in the middle of the night"

Forbes: "Confederate Monuments Come Down: Alexandria Statue Removed, As ‘Black Lives Matter’ Written On Others"

Lee Fang's favorite quasi-black man: "I'm not racist, but..."
To be clear, I too am against racism, but the truth is that the French have had ample opportunities over the years to care about racism and it hasn’t always been a top priority. Right now is bad timing.
Ignore false radicalism. Pay attention to the action on the ground. The chattering class is a class.

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