Tuesday, September 06, 2016

"Jennifer Wright is a contributor to the New York Observer and the New York Post, covering sex and dating. She was one of the founding editors of TheGloss​.­com, and her writing regularly appears in such publications as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Maxim. Her breakup cure is gin, reruns of 30 Rock, and historical biographies. She lives and loves very happily in New York City."

She's the author of It Ended Badly. 13 of the Worst Breakups in History."

The three photographs at the top: Claire Denis,  Nelly Quettier and Agnes Godard. They've all made movies with women who pose for magazine covers.

By what measure is Beyoncé Knowles a feminist icon?
repeat from 2012

Like Tarantino and von Trier, a movie about actors and the theater;  a moral defense of illusion, fiction, mimesis, lies, the hair of the dog that bites you every minute you're alive.

Kylie Minogue was recommended to Carax by Claire Denis.
Edith Scob is famous for her role in Eyes Without a Face

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