Monday, September 05, 2016

These are days of grave disillusionment with the state of the world. Sinister forces of fanatical, faith-based killing – something that we in the West, at least, thought had largely ended by 1750 – are back. And they have been joined by and are reinforcing forces of nationalism, bigotry, and racism that we thought had been largely left in the ruins of Berlin in 1945.
It's to be expected at this point that no commenter brings up the history of western support before and after 1945 for "sinister forces of fanatical, faith-based killing", religious conservatives against modernizers, and dictators against democracy. I could post the a google Ngram for postcolonialism, but it's unnecessary.

Someone should ask DeLong point blank if the lives of people in the west matter more to him than lives elsewhere. I won't be surprised when he says yes, but they will, and that's the problem.

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