Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Perfect G.O.P Nominee
All these woebegone Republicans whining that they can’t rally behind their flawed candidate is crazy. The G.O.P. angst, the gnashing and wailing and searching for last-minute substitutes and exit strategies, is getting old.

They already have a 1-percenter who will be totally fine in the Oval Office, someone they can trust to help Wall Street, boost the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, cuddle with hedge funds, secure the trade deals beloved by corporate America, seek guidance from Henry Kissinger and hawk it up — unleashing hell on Syria and heaven knows where else.

The Republicans have their candidate: It’s Hillary. 
I don't read Dowd, but the attacks on her by the left-liberal elite were always self-serving and stupid.

Going through the archives I found this.
I'd forgotten that quoting her played a part in my being banned from Crooked Timber.

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