Thursday, July 23, 2015

Old wine in new bottles... Drift

Change at the New York Times
Israel, Don’t Level My Village 
SUSIYA, West Bank — IN 1948, as Israeli forces closed in on his village of Qaryatayn, my grandfather carried my father in his arms to Susiya, about five miles north, in the South Hebron Hills area.
“We will go back home soon,” my grandfather told my father.
They did not. Qaryatayn was destroyed, along with about 400 other Palestinian villages that were razed between 1948 and the mid-1950s. My family rebuilt their lives in Susiya, across the 1949 armistice line in the West Bank.
Change for Henry Farrell.
A Brief Theory of Very Serious People 
Tyler Cowen argues that the concept of “Very Serious People” refers to people who “realize that common sense morality must, to a considerable extent, rule politics.”
...Shorter Theory of Very Serious People.
1. Being Tom Friedman Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry.
Farrell mental model of Tyler often sit[s] on my shoulder while I blog, making polite and well reasoned libertarian criticisms of my arguments...
What an extraordinarily interesting debate. Thanks to everyone. It seems clear to this reader–who has nothing at stake–that Henry is refusing to see things, while Kerr is smoothly awful
Davies the moralist
[re: Gawker] But "if you're ashamed of cheating on your wife, don't cheat on your wife" - is that really too much to ask? 
Bankers have had their day under scrutiny
The post got more offensive as time went on
Henry Farrell: "Ted Barlow (of glorious memory)"
Ted Barlow
The Islamic world has ample reasons for legitimate criticism. Anti-Semitism, sexism, lack of democracy, lack of opportunity, nurturing of terrorism… these are sad realities, not the hallucinations of right-wingers. Anger and criticism are appropriate, but our approach has to start with the assumption that Muslims are not going away. Short of deliberate genocide, there’s no way forward in the long run except for “hearts and minds.”
Maria Farrell: "In any case, as Henry says, yes, I was extremely anti the war"
(Even by the most generous standard of measurement, by 2011 any moral distinction between Iraq and Afghanistan had vanished.)

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