Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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Analytic philosophers write novels:
Colin McGinn has written two, the most recent self-published. (Amazon)
I remember reading an enjoyably cruel review of the first one.
Timothy Williamson has  a "Tetralogue"
Alex Rosenberg's now written The Girl from Krakow (also Amazon)

Not so long ago fictions were no more than lies.

correction: Rosenberg from an exchange with Williamson in 2011
That doesn’t mean anyone should stop doing literary criticism any more than forgoing fiction. Naturalism treats both as fun, but neither as knowledge. 
extra: a line I should have quoted years when I was comparing him to Lady Gaga.
I dismiss no phenomenon, I dismiss attempts to reconcile naturalism with intentionality, human agency, free will and finally the enduring self.
"I... I dismiss the... self"

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"I claim no expertise on Iran..." 
"With an actual deal, with definitive text and conditions, now in place, I wanted to share a few initial reactions..." 
Critics in Washington, Israel and the Gulf nations that neighbor Iran say the deal will merely delay the country's path... 
First take: Obama's winning streak continues with Iran deal... 
Sanctions, inspections, and decision-makers: The number of things that could still trip up an Iranian nuclear agreement is small, but they're ...
What a stupid fucking country.

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BBC, Celebrations in Tehran
There are people who lived in Tehran in the 90s who look back with nostalgia, even if they laugh at themselves doing it.

Conservatism fails, whether or not those who call themselves conservatives are trying to do what they think is the right thing.

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