Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I've never liked Errol Morris' films. He tarts them up to make what he calls art. Wiseman doesn't tart things up and he calls his films fictions. Herzog is in another category, but there's no contradiction between liking his films and Wiseman's.

On their different understanding of surrealism: Herzog's a German who lived through hell and Morris is an American who grew up watching horror movies. Morris doesn't understand how the word can have weight. To him it's only a term of what he would call art.

The priceless sayings of Werner Herzog...
...turned into posters; (even more here).
Here's a gem:
Morris, Husseini and Leiter all make the same mistakes, about art, politics and intellectualism in general. Leiter allows Herzog's humane moral pessimism only if it can always be taken back, dismissed as a joke.

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