Friday, February 06, 2015

Neoliberalism; or, The death of the other at the hands of the author

"Experience Entrepreneur, Experience Designer, Rights Crusader, Solutions Journalist, Civic hacker, Story Teller, Scientist Agitator, Crunck Commentator, Altruist Engineer, Visionary Architect, Leadership Luminary, New Media Maven, Life Saver, Purpose Economist, Consent Crusader, Harassment Avenger, Culture Disruptor, Activist Architect, Impact designer, Girl Activator, Digital Alchemist, Design Entrepreneur, Education Activist, Truth Teller, Hip-Hop Advocate, Movement Builder, Feminist Evangelizer."
Founded by Vanessa Valenti, co-founder with her sister of Feministing, and of Valenti-Martin Media. The Gates foundation and Clinton Initiative are clients.
Interviewed in Ad Week 

Intellectual "happy talk", for hire; Jerry Rubin's "networking"; the triumph of individualism and self-reporting, of public, personal and self "design"; TED talks; the banality of American optimism and narcissism.

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