Sunday, December 21, 2014

repeats: M.J. Rosenberg
We are living in a time of exploding nationalisms. The blacks in America are the first to abjure the idea of assimilation, to realize the inherent lie in the concept of melting pot. Through black nationalism has developed a new black pride and hence the ticket to liberation 
Today’s young American Jew is a good bit slower. He desperately wants assimilation: Jewishness embarrasses him. He finds the idea of Jewish nationalism, Israel not­ withstanding, laughable. The leftist Jewish student is today’s Uncle Tom. He scrapes along, demons­trating for a John Hatchett, asham­ed of his identity, and obsessed with it. He cannot accept the fact that he is seen as a Jew, that his destiny is that of the Jews, and that his only effectiveness is as a Jew. But he wants to be an “American,” a left­ist American, talking liberation and aspiring WASP. He is a ludicrous figure. 
new: his son.

"Nicki Minaj ends year-long beef with Peter Rosenberg despite calling him ‘annoying’ 
"Chuck D's comments blasting the current state of urban radio, and Hot 97 in particular, got a response from Peter Rosenberg, one of the station's on-air personalities."

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