Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Leiter: "The boycott statement from September contained falsehoods (plus the actual lawyer letter to Jenkins and Ichikawa)"
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Leiter's snide, mocking, speech was directed privately at an individual of lower rank. Salaita's moralizing indignant speech was broadcast on the web, but there were concerns over possible effect on those of lower rank. The "September Statement" resulted in Leiter stepping down from the PGR.

Leiter is on record questioning the value of free speech, offering qualified support for "hate speech" laws. His adversaries would agree.

The rule of law requires that laws treat all people as equals; it presumes that all people are equal. If people are unequal, who protects the weak from the strong if not the strong themselves. Power relations are reinforced, and round and round we go.

Links from Leiter.
Q:" Zionism is racism"
A: “There are opinions that are not appropriate, that are harmful"
"She uses prostitution, she said, to illustrate that status stratification occurs in various groups considered deviant by society. She seeks volunteers from among assistant teaching assistants (who are undergraduates) to dress up as various kinds of prostitutes -- she named as categories "slave whores, crack whores, bar whores, streetwalkers, brothel workers and escort services." They work with Adler on scripts in which they describe their lives as these types of prostitutes. 
...She said that Leigh told her that there was "too much risk" in having such a lecture in the "post-Penn State environment,"
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