Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A shallow attempt to cover his own ass.
What Matters Is What I Think
There are several reasons I tend to not comment on Israel-related program activities, but a big one is that the opinionating reaches meta at light speed, that so much commentary is more of a pose than an attempt to actually influence events. It's punditry-as-narcissism at its worst. What matters isn't the dead or the security issues, it's how I, personally, feel about that! (chait, not loomis)
Does it matter what Chris Gunness thinks?

U.N. Spokesman Breaks Down Crying on TV Discussing Gaza Attacks

Geek politics is anti-politics. Historical knowledge is only available as narrative; it's never binary. And without history,  politics is drift.

etc: "Some Question U.S. Support For Israel"

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