Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Robin and Kieran Healy on Gary Becker and feminism.

Healy: repeats [he now has a tag] which includes this. Healy quotes approvingly:
”He took the job because it was a dream job for him, a chance to do something exciting, fun and interesting. He was “owed” in our relationship because he had already moved twice for my job. His first choice would have been for him to have the good job without the travel, but that wasn’t an option. To be honest, I’m selfish enough that I would have preferred that he keep his bad job and make my life easier, but I cared about him, agreed he was owed, and knew why he really wanted to do it, so I signed off.”
It still amazes me that I ended up getting into an argument about the implications of the passive voice.

[The ghost of Panofsky: "Whichever book you open, you will find precisely the passage you need"
"What's the se…?" "Timing."]

George Scialabba, Catholic moralist, and CT's in-house literary critic, defends Christopher Lasch. Responding to Vivian Gornick: In Defense of Narcissism.

Two narcissists debating, two pots, two kettles. Individualism and bureaucratism are two sides of the same coin.  Klub Kid Kollectivity

Scialabba is Henry Farrell's favorite literary critic; his favorite band is My Bloody Valentine

Atomization, isolation and the illusion of absolute community. The low buzz and hum—the violence and warmth—of neurological overload.

My comment to Scialabba at The Boston Review: "How do you respond, as a moralist, to Henry Farrell's taste in decadence?"

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