Sunday, February 09, 2014

The first video is funny. The second is humorless and frankly tragic. [Justine Tunney, sitting on a bed, ranting about life]

Howard Cohen []
Have I got stories for you!
I was there. In New York ad agencies during the Mad Men years of the ‘60s and glitz and glamour of the ‘70s.
I was there. At Woodstock and Fire Island when creativity was naked and so were we.
I was there. In LA, during the drug days and Hollywood haze of the ‘80s and ‘90s. And I’m still here, working with terrific people and loving this meshuggah business.
I’m Howie Cohen, the guy who wrote, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” and “Try it, you’ll like it” for Alka Seltzer – both in the Clio Hall of Fame.
The crew was celebrating the wrap of a commercial shoot in London. "There were 20 of us around the table and [director] Milos Forman ordered for everyone — chicken, steaks, lobster. I'm a nice Jewish kid from the Bronx, so I ate everything, until I couldn't fit one more thing in my body. I leaned back in my chair and said, 'I can't believe I ate the whole thing.' And my wife said, 'There's your next Alka-Seltzer commercial.'"
Justine Alexandra Roberts Tunney [original]
Software engineer & Champagne Tranarchist
Justine is…
Helping Google design and implement some Internet infrastructure.
Pivoting Occupy Wall Street for the American Fall of 2014: Retribution & Exit.
Convincing the tech industry to be more benevolent & less threatening.
Wondering if her CelebDial business will ever make money.

The Nation 

Justine Tunney works for Google. Every day that she feels like it, Tunney goes to a playgroundlike office in Chelsea in Manhattan and eats her meals from the free gourmet rooftop cafeteria. She does her job and little else. On the beach in Puerto Rico this summer, at the wedding of two fellow Occupy veterans, she was working so hard on an algorithm designed to improve cloud computing that she lost track of time and got a sunburn.

“They basically bought my soul,” she says. But Tunney doesn’t seem to mind. “Google is the one company I don’t hate. I think Google is actually doing things that are making the world a better place.”
[update: It makes sense she later ended up a fascist (use google).]
Another leader of OWS
Boutique Activist Consultancy is the social change consulting firm founded by the American creator of the Occupy Wall Street meme. B.A.C. serves a hand-picked international clientele of social revolutionaries and movements. Our small consultancy specializes in trend-setting social movement creation, theory and innovation for the people’s good.
global strategy • tactical innovation • discreet service
Prospective clients are invited to send inquiries to Micah White, PhD.
"this meshuggah business."
Irony is a form of self-awareness; it's a form of sociability. The other two in their narcissism manifest the self-blind collectivism of ants.

"What is your secret? Tell me, Mr. Caution."
"Something which never changes, day or night. The past represents its future. It advances in a straight line, yet it ends by coming full circle."

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