Tuesday, January 07, 2014

On the night of the burglary my father left the car parked on the street in front of the house, with the keys in the mailbox. Later my parents stored some boxes in the basement. They didn't ask any questions. I didn't know about it till years later. They didn't tell me who did it, only that it should have been obvious: "Who do you think did it? It was the Christians!" Christians, and the odd secular Jew.

They were not kids acting on impulse; they were adults acting on principle. They weren't students; they were teachers. They were from an earlier generation.
"I happened to read recently a remark by the American nuclear physicist W. Davidson, who noted that the explosion of one hydrogen bomb releases a greater amount of energy than all the explosions set off by all countries in all wars known in the entire history of mankind. And he, apparently, is right," Khrushchev said. 
Reporters for the New York Times traced the quote to Dr. Davidon, and his family enjoyed the mention, even with the misspelled name, for years.
Seeking Justice: The Journey of John C. Raines A festschrift.

I think the last time I saw Bill Davidon was at my father's memorial service. My memories of all of them begin in nursery school. My parents' activities began in Berkeley in the late 50s.

The book that needs to written is on the generation between the old and new left, the generation that never joined the party, or the party.

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