Saturday, March 23, 2013

Make it four:

Why would people who defend the notion of a morality without god argue there's no struggle for a better world without a dream of utopia? We're back with Dworkin.

There's a difference between making the logical point that there can be no notion of the good without a notion of the better,  leading further up the slope towards an ideal, and arguing constantly from the necessity of an ideal.  A symposium of middle aged men spouting off on "our relation to the perfect" is much more off-putting than a dying man's admission of a wish for ultimate meaning.

Why Did Liberals Support the Iraq War?  
Tony Judt in 2006. I quoted him then too.
Bush’s Middle Eastern policy now tracks so closely to the Israeli precedent that it is very difficult to see daylight between the two. It is this surreal turn of events that helps explain the confusion and silence of American liberal thinking on the subject (as well, perhaps, as Tony Blair’s syntactically sympathetic me-tooism). Historically, liberals have been unsympathetic to ‘wars of choice’ when undertaken or proposed by their own government. War, in the liberal imagination (and not only the liberal one), is a last resort, not a first option. But the United States now has an Israeli-style foreign policy and America’s liberal intellectuals overwhelmingly support it.
Just stupid.

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