Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Not sure what IHE was thinking in running an interview with an obscure philosopher about a project that another philosopher describes, not obviously unfairly, as "the worst piece of incoherent and morally reprehensible tripe I think I’ve ever read in my life." Very odd!
From the interview
Q: Why do you write that affirmative action is an "unnatural fit with egalitarian philosophy"? What other arguments (if any) can be made for it? 
A: Contrary to the usual rhetoric, I don’t think “fairness” helps us navigate the affirmative action issue. Is it more “fair” to privilege people of color in affirmative action scenarios, or is it more fair to treat everyone in a color-blind unbiased fashion? The concept of fairness won’t help resolve this, but we might make real progress if we jettisoned the fairness lingo and replaced it with the pursuit of social health.
The "obscure philosopher" is not particularly obscure.  The author of the piece at Counterpunch, Prof. M.G. [EmManuelle?] Piety, is an idiot. Leiter is just sloppy.

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