Monday, September 03, 2012

Dualism is transubstantiation. You can deal with the choice simply, one way or the other, or you can make a career out of obfuscation. If you choose materialism you choose science; if you choose dualism you choose religion; if you choose obfuscation you choose the arts. If there's no free will they might as well have chosen you.

I pity an academic culture that needs to justify an engagement with formal logic with the terminology of value, so you end up with titles such as "Rethinking the Good", while at the same time arguing that moral and political philosophy are of little use in discussions of real politics. Mathematicians don't worry about these things; they don't have to worry about morality; language comes freighted.

Scientists are practicing, not theoretical empiricists. They're happy enough to muddle through the world of perceptions and or facts. Philosophers want "Truth". Cleanliness is next to godliness, but there is no god and the world we live in is dirty.

The only philosophy in a world without gods (therefore absent the possibility of theology) is the philosophy of action. There is no philosophy that does not deal with behavior and ethnography. Plato wrote dialogues. He wrote fiction. In the American 20th century, Faulkner is his descendent more than Quine and Kripke.

Mathematics and formal logic; the empirical sciences; the arts and humanities, study and practice. You want it all. You want to rage at arguments against evolution while arguing over metaphysical abstractions founded in faith as absurd as any other. Do you ever wonder why almost every post and comment on this page reads like it was written by a desperately undersexed adolescent engineering student? The sex life or lack thereof of mathematicians is irrelevant to mathematics. No aspect of human behavior is irrelevant to philosophy.

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