Sunday, April 08, 2012

Nothing new.

Duncan Black in 2012
I basically hate all of the people who rule us.
The link is to the Times
Perhaps no law in the past generation has drawn more praise than the drive to “end welfare as we know it,” which joined the late-’90s economic boom to send caseloads plunging, employment rates rising and officials of both parties hailing the virtues of tough love.

But the distress of the last four years has added a cautionary postscript: much as overlooked critics of the restrictions once warned, a program that built its reputation when times were good offered little help when jobs disappeared. Despite the worst economy in decades, the cash welfare rolls have barely budged.
Bill Clinton, "Big Dog", set out to "end welfare as we know it", but now Atrios wants to play Jonathan Kozol.

There's a difference between moving and being moved. Atrios is more left than he used to be, on some issues, but he may end up on the right again without ever noticing a change. He has no interest in his own history. He lives in the present. Moralizing arrogance is the one constant.

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