Saturday, November 05, 2011

note taking. posted elsewhere.  DeLong allowed my comment and then deleted it a few weeks later, or whenever he closed the thread.  He's done that consistently.
Where to begin? The question is not the one of the Left on Libya, because Libya and the war do not exist in a vacuum.
Links below on Libya and on the wider context

Alistair Crooke: The Great Game in Syria
On the US support for the Saudis, the leaders of the Arab counter-revolution, and the tensions between Sunni and Shia, Saudi and Iran. The US supported Mubarak and Ben Ali as in the past it supported the Shah and Saddam Hussein. The Saudis are now our closest ally now beyond Israel. Should I have to explain what the Saudis represent?

Reuters: "Israel shocked by Obama's 'betrayal' of Mubarak"

Ted Koppel in the WSJ: "Israeli officials want a public commitment from Washington to protect the Saudi regime should it come under threat."

Note that Koppel refers to the Shia "minority in Bahrain. They are in fact the majority. The Saudis have tried to crush the revolt. More on Bahrain from Jadaliyya

"Bahrain's 14 Feb Coalition Press Release: Winning the Psychological War against a Defeated Regime"
One post among many.

The US is selling arms to Bahrain: "He echoed comments by State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, who said on Friday: "This sale is designed to support the Bahraini military in its defence function, specifically in hardening the country against opposition groups and potential attack or nefarious activity by countries like Iran."

HRC on Crown Prince Sultan:
The crown prince was a strong leader and a good friend to the United States over many years as well as a tireless champion for his country. He will be missed," Clinton said from Tajikistan on a Central Asia tour. "Our relationship with Saudi Arabia is strong and enduring and we will look forward to working with the leadership for many years to come.
Arabist on post war Libya
One post among many.

"The Murder Brigades of Misrata-Gadhafi's demise was just a part of a vast revenge killing spree"

On the legality of the Libya war: Berube leads with lefty loon Dennis Kucinich. I raise him with Jack Balkin: "George W. Obama and the OLC"

Berube once again proves himself more provincial than those he attacks, and even in that acting as if American opinions regarding American actions were the only ones that mattered.

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