Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Another reason you’re so antithetical to T.S. Eliot’s stance as impersonal poet and critic? 
B: Oh, he’s a fake about that. The man’s a strong poet because of his personality, a High Romantic imagination with power over rhetoric and diction. His supposed stance as poet and critic is completely bogus. I’m tired of talking about him. You can’t educate people if they don’t want to understand the truth about Eliot.
Every poem is fake, and every poet is a con man. We read to watch the mechanics of the con and ourselves be conned. Bloom is a con man as critic: an explicator and fan of great cons. He's criticizing Eliot for the dryness of his art, not for his ideas. Or maybe he wants poets to believe their own lies fully, so that the secret ironies are only for critics to discover. Between garbage and scholarship, scholars prefer their garbage-dealers innocent. Maybe it's best when they are, but Bloom's art is just as problematic. England, perverse conservatism, (monarcho/anarcho-populism), and Gilbert and George. A couple of practical cats.

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