Thursday, November 04, 2010

Car bombs
IDF spokeswoman completely denies hinting Israel coordinated Gaza hit with Washington

I did not, in any way, say that," said the spokesman. DPA told Haaretz that they spoke with the IDF spokeswoman and had agreed to publish an additional story in which she was given an opportunity to clarify her remarks.
Asked whether Israel had coordinated the hit on Mohammed Nimnim, a commander in the Army of Islam group, with its American ally, the spokesman did not respond.
She did, however, refer to the tight relationship between the army and the U.S.
"Without getting specifically into more details, I can tell you there is very good cooperation between us and the Americans," she said.
"We have an ongoing relationship with the Americans, as well as with other forces, and from time to time we pass on information as with other sources," she said.
Nimnim, 37, was killed instantaneously when his car exploded outside a police station in Gaza City. Witness suggested the car was hit by a missile, while some media reports attributed the explosion to a planted bomb.
Palestinian security officials said later that they believed the explosion was caused by a bomb concealed under the drivers' seat.
Israel initially refused to comment on the attack but the IDF later confirmed it had carried out a joint operation with the Shin Bet security service.

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