Sunday, October 17, 2010

IFC Official: "This was an event, at the Fairmont Hotel, sponsored by the Saudi Bankers association. Wine & hard licquor were served and requested abundantly."

No problem here, except for the Wahhabi puritanical crap they hold the country (theirs) hostage with
The Guardian
Angela Merkel: Germany has failed.
10/18 Yes it has
BERLIN — It has been many years since a German film student had a feature-length movie shown in the competition at the prestigious Berlinale International Film Festival, a distinction that can launch a career. That is what Burhan Qurbani is enjoying at the moment, with his film “Shahada.”

But rising fame can be double-edged, as Mr. Qurbani, 29, now understands, as his native country casts a critical eye on his work, and his life. He suddenly realizes that he is a foreigner at home, and that his audience sees him as an Afghan immigrant who made a movie about Islam, not as a talented German filmmaker who chose to explore issues common to all mankind.

...Of course, I am German,” Mr. Qurbani said. “I have Afghani roots, I can’t deny that, but mostly, I am German.”
Germany made Israel what it is.

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