Saturday, October 02, 2010

Crazy Conspiracy Theories
I hate articles like this which dutifully ignore the fact that we went to war in Iraq, in part, because of assholes like Jeffrey Goldberg who peddled conspiracy theories about 9/11.

Crazy conspiracy theories in our own country have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.
Atrios isn't a leftist except in right wing fantasies, but there's something in his language that's been foreign to liberal argument for a long time. He's too self-absorbed to question his own behavior, but his knee-jerk reactions show a change in the culture. I've said this a few times over the past years: sometimes he says something that reminds me how much things have changed.

The third time I've posted this. His timing and phrasing are practiced to the point of coldness but aren't cold. The material is light but the performance is rich. The coda is perfectly wrought: light, bitter, and sad.

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