Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Three by Tony Judt.
Bush’s Useful Idiots
Israel: The Alternative.
The Wrecking Ball of Innovation

He was a serious conservative. Liberals waste time debating idiots at The National Review; to his credit, he did his best to ignore them. He was an arch sexist, with a gentleman's condescension towards the fairer sex, and his view of history was simplistic- "The historian’s first responsibility is to get it right-to find out what happened in the past, think of some way to convey it which is both effective and true, and do it. "- but he wasn't dumb. He praised Leszek Kołakowski for his interest in "spiritual values" while being too lazy to say what that phrase was supposed to mean; he became a critic of Zionism late. But he was an adult in a world without many of them.

As'ad AbuKhalil and Elias Muhanna on Nasrallah.

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