Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Personal trauma and Zionism: Jessica Stern
And again: "The situation in Gaza suggests that suicide-murder can also be spread through social contagion."

Compare Robert Pape
[late update]
Conal Urquhart in The Guardian in 2006
Hamas is to abandon its use of suicide bombers, who have killed almost 300 Israelis, in any future confrontations with Israel, its activists have told The Observer.
The Islamic group, which leads the Palestinian Authority, says, however, that it may resort to other forms of violence if there is no progress towards Palestinian statehood.

Yihiyeh Musa, a Hamas member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, said Hamas had moved into a 'new era' which did not require suicide attacks.

'The suicide bombings happened in an exceptional period and they have now stopped,' he said. 'They came to an end as a change of belief.'
'They came to an end as a change of belief.'

For the rest see Cobban, Conflicts Forum, Badger etc.

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